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At Fairhaven Capital Advisors, we appreciate the immigrant investor's drive for achievement and passion to succeed, because we share it. Our team has over 30 years of valuable immigration, investing, and operating experience in numerous industries and programs, including EB5, real estate and retail business development. We have assisted thousands of clients through the immigration and investment process…and we have used this foundation to proactively research relevant markets and predict industry dynamics to develop specific models about areas that are poised for growth and start-up companies that can leverage the opportunity.
Fairhaven Capital Advisor's investments are directly influenced by the diversity of the team's experience and our dedication to thorough analysis of market cycles and historical industry trends. We pay extremely close attention to market dynamics and immigration-based business models, which can create unique leverage for both our clients and partners. Fairhaven Capital Advisor's disciplined approach provides insight into where and when to invest and how to best assist the management teams. This method provides a unique perspective on new markets and opportunities, and our approach has enabled investments in companies that define markets and become immigration industry leaders.

Who We Are

Our Strength

FCA’s principals have over 30 years of experience in EB-5 linked immigration and investment; including expertise in designing EB-5 projects to:

(i) meet the needs of the project developer,

(ii) provide financial risk mitigation for investors,

(iii) ensure mainstream compliance with EB-5 regulations, and

(iv) offer competitive compensation for agents/brokers.


FCA has direct experience with many EB-5 product types including manufacturing, residential and commercial real estate investment, including retail development.  FCA’s principals have successfully participated as developers or as attorneys in both EB-5 projects sponsored by regional centers, and non-regional center, direct-employment model projects.  FCA is interested in long term business relationships built upon successful economic and professional partnerships.  Let us help you be successful in the EB-5 world.

Meet Our Team

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David Blue

Director of Marketing