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FCA and its associates have represented over 40 regional centers in formation or design of marketable qualifying EB-5 projects, and successfully represented hundreds of individual investors through the entire EB-5 process, from investment to condition removal.


FCA understands the interests and complexity of successful EB-5 projects, which must satisfy USCIS EB-5 and SEC securities compliance, meet the financial objectives and constraints of the developer-promoter, offer a competitive investment risk and recovery profile for investors and be responsive to the concerns and incentives of foreign agent-brokers.  FCA is not deterred by the increasingly rigorous regulatory framework and pending reform for EB-5 regional centers, welcoming the challenge of not just doing business, but doing good business.  Its staff and service provider professionals give FCA the ability to evaluate proposed EB-5 projects and only sponsor those that truly deserve support.  Unlike most other regional centers in the EB-5 world, FCA’s main purpose is not development for its own account or the account of affiliates, but rather sponsorship of meritorious third party developer projects.

Regional Center Projects utilizing FCA and its associates include senior assisted living centers, retail supermarkets, oil and gas projects, manufacturing projects, condo apartment projects, hotels, large $100 million+ multi-use commercial real estate projects, hospital facilities and equipment, parking garages, single family residential homes projects, schools, and university dormitories. Non-RC direct employment projects include a chain of free standing dental clinics, restaurants, a residential construction company, and a high security, anti-counterfeiting printing and manufacturing firm.


FCA’s principal owned and managed a Regional Center in the 1990’s that marketed over 180 investors for the EB-5 program, worked as a commercial mortgage lender on a national level for a major insurance company, served as Vice President of a State University in SC, and President of a $100 million diversified financial services company.  He is an experienced investment banker, immigration consultant and immigration attorney. 


FCA’s key staff include a construction, engineering and development project manager with experience of 20 years in development of gaming, hotel and infrastructure projects on Native American reservations; an international sales director for a food brokerage firm; and a legendary immigration consulting specialist responsible for the successful migration of over 30,000 families in the past 25 years who enjoys over 200 agent-broker relationships worldwide.

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