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Renting a regional center is fast becoming a desirable alternative to establishing new regional centers especially for those developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses that have a project and to wish utilize foreign investment to advance their development.  
With over 9 Regional Centers at its disposal, FCA can work developers, entrepreneurs and businesses to facilitate the marketing of the project to foreign investors under the EB-5 visa category on a competitive basis.  

Renting of Regional Centers

Joint Ventures with Regional Centers

FCA can quickly assess the feasibility of your project and determine whether it is desirable to participate in your EB-5 project on terms that are agreeable to you and your partners. FCA has an extensive network of agents around the world and is able to promote your EB-5 project efficiency and competitively through its network of proven and reliable agents.  This type of partnership will allow you to immediately market your EB-5 project to prequalified EB-5 investors. 

Review of Regional Center Projects

FCA can help businesses, entrepreneurs and developers determine whether their project qualifies for TEA status, thereby reducing each EB-5 investment requirement to $500,000 from $1 million. If you are unsure whether your location qualifies for TEA status, FCA can work with you to determine its proper designation with state authorities. Our professional team of experts has in-depth knowledge regarding TEA designations and can assist you in determining whether your project is a good fit for EB-5 capital.

FCA regional centers qualify for indirect job creation methodologies, leading to more flexibility and certainty of obtaining sufficient job creation numbers than through direct calculation. Indirect job creation allows you to determine job creation numbers through an econometric study, as opposed to showing actual employees on the payroll. This makes a wider array of potential projects feasible, and is the reason why more than 95% of all EB-5 investment takes place through Regional Centers. Our team at FCA has strong expertise in econometric analysis and access to relevant data in all states to conduct professional-grade indirect job creation analysis.


Please contact us now to begin the EB-5 process for your project. The first step is gaining an understanding in whether EB-5 is a proper capital solution for you. Next our experienced team will conduct diligence on your proposal to ensure it is a strong fit with the EB-5 program. 

States Covered

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